While you're on the Solar Home Bundle energy plan, we'll remotely monitor the system’s performance and resolve any support and maintenance issues if required. Our monitoring system will alert us if there's any change to system performance, and we can assess if maintenance is required.

In some cases, we may ask that you assist us with some basic troubleshooting, to help us identify the problem quickly and resolve it where possible. In other cases, we may need to send out accredited service agents to physically attend the property to inspect the system or perform repair or maintenance works. We will try to give you at least 5 business days’ notice of the date we intend do so. Rest assured that your property will still be supplied with energy from the grid, even if the system is temporarily offline for repair and maintenance. This will not impact your electricity supply or cost.

We do ask you to keep the area around the system free of debris. This may involve sweeping leaves and debris around the battery. Overhanging trees may limit the functionality and safety of your system, and we recommend seeking professional services to safely assist with maintaining excessive tree branches. This will ensure you get the best use out of your system.

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