You may become ineligible for the Stack On Electricity Plan if, during the Contract Term, you:

  • remove eBilling and/or eCorrespondence from your account;

  • remove Direct Debit from your account;

  • replace your meter with a device that is not a remotely read Smart Meter;

  • update your meter configuration so it can no longer be remotely read by us;

  • tell us, or we become aware, that you are having trouble paying your bills;

  • add solar or other electricity generation to your premises; or

  • add concessions to your account or apply for any government energy rebate required by a government to be administered by an energy retailer.

Similarly, if a meter exchange is required and we identify your meter fuse is shared (shared fusing) with another property or you decide a later date to opt out for your meter to be exchanged, then you’ll become ineligible for the Plan.

If we determine that you weren’t eligible for the Plan, or you become ineligible for the Plan after being onboarded, you will be transferred to the best generally available EnergyAustralia Plan for you, unless you notify us that you want to choose a different Plan.

If any of these apply to you, please contact us to discuss your options.

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