You can start by checking the following:

  • Are you on a mobile device (i.e. phone or tablet) or on a computer? Browser extensions cannot be downloaded on mobile devices. Please visit the webstore from your desktop computer or laptop to install the Always On Rewards extension.

  • You may be using an unsupported browser, such as Safari®, Edge® or Internet Explorer®*. The Always On Rewards extension is available for Chrome®, Firefox® and Opera®**.

  • You may have an administrative setting that prevents you from installing browser extensions on your computer. This is most common for computers on a corporate network.

  • If your internet connection is particularly slow, the browser extension may take longer than normal to install. Please try again when your internet connection improves.

* Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation registered in the US and other countries.

* Safari is a trademark of Apple Inc registered in the US and other countries.

**Google and Google Chrome are registered trademarks of Google LLC.

**Firefox is a trademark of the Mozilla Foundation in the US and other countries.

**Opera is a trademark of Opera Software AS.

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