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If you, or a member of your household, becomes dependent on life support equipment while you are on one of our plans, you need to register this on your account.

Call us on 1800 108 633 so we can register this on your account. We’ll advise your local energy distributor, who will provide you with practical advice and an emergency phone number in the event of a power failure or interruption (planned or unplanned).

Once we’ve registered you for life support, we’ll send you an application form. Alternatively, you can Contact us to receive the form via email.

You’ll need to complete this application form and have your medical practitioner sign it. Please then return it to us within 10 business days of registering life support on your account, by: Email: support@experienceon.com.au

Failure to do this may result in you no longer being registered for life support with On by EnergyAustralia or your distributor.

If you’re not an On customer and you already have life support requirements, our plans aren’t available to you at the moment (but we do have other plans available to you at EnergyAustralia).

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